Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit

By Wasentha Young

What are the energetic qualities and characteristics of Winter and how can you align, in harmony, with the spirit of this season?

The season of winter – a yin force – requires us to go inward. In traditional Chinese medicine it is associated with the Water element; it’s related organ systems are the kidneys (yin) and the bladder (yang). The kidneys govern our deep resources, or our jing.

“The kidneys are a well and the jing is the water inside it. The amount of water in our well is determined first by how much jing was granted to us at conception and second by how we allocate our resources during our lifetime.” Lonny Jarret

The emotion associated with the Water element is fear. The Kidneys store wisdom, and when the connection between the Kidneys and the Bladder is out of balance, the Bladder has no access to that wisdom. Without it, fear is generated, especially free-floating anxiety projected at the external world.

Spiritually, a balanced water element can face the unknown without fear, remaining unattached to the outcome. Wisdom, not fear, should drive action.

Practice Wave Hands Like Clouds to ground yourself and cultivate chi.