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Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit By Wasentha Young What are the energetic qualities and characteristics of Winter and how can you align, in harmony, with the spirit of this season? The season of winter – a yin force – requires us to go inward. In traditional Chinese medicine it is associated with the Water element; it’s related organ systems […]

What is required is Deep Listening

We are often challenged to find balance (metaphorically as well as in physical and mental health). Whether you practice tai chi or chi kung remembering to breathe, feel your feet on the ground and embracing the meditation techniques in practice are tools that will help you to feel centered so’s to “walk forward” in grace […]

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Cultivating Chi 1

To cultivate chi requires an action. In many cases there are circular motions involved, sometimes imagery, and may involve movement. Here is one exercise in cultivating chi to nourish your inner organs. This exercise involves circular movement and visualization.

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Putting Your Mind in Your Tan Tien – “coming to your senses 1”

Allowing your chi (energy) to sink is often referred to as putting your mind in the tan tien [located about 2-3 finger widths below the navel] or putting the fire (mind) under the pot (nourishment center), sinking your chi has many benefits. You may notice that with your awareness centered in the tan tien region […]

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Two Fields of Energy

There are two prominent outer layers to our energy fields – each encircles the entire body and function different. One is at arms length, the other halfway between full extension and the body. Somewhat like the eyes, the outer one extends out to “read” our environment and relays back to the inner field what is […]

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