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Master Young



Master Young’s Lineage (video)

Peaceful Dragon School Program Guidelines
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Recommended Reading

14 Chi Kung Warm-Up Exercises (video)

14 Chi Kung Warm-Up Exercises – Booklet (pdf)

Newer Version of the Chi Kung Warm-ups (video) revised 3/14/23

Relaxation Meditation (video – guided meditation)

Self-Care for Your Knees

Junko on Understanding Some Characters 9/12/19

Neck Tension Release Points – Please monitor your pressure – Remember, you are in control of how much pressure you use. It should not be painful.

Here are the first three of the Eight Methods

Remember to relax the emptying hip so that you sit on your legs.

Other Documents – Enjoy the read

Threading the Nine Holes in the Pearl
The Amazing Balancing Act

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