Standing Meditation for Relaxation

standing meditationHere is a standing meditation you can practice that promotes relaxation

Standing Meditation

  1. Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart
  2. Relax your feet on the floor
  3. Overlap your hands over the tan tien. (1.5″ below navel)
  4. Gently lift the tip of your tongue so to touch where the teeth meet the gums at the roof of the mouth
  5. Put your awareness where the hands meet the body and feel yourself breath
  6. When you are connected, imagine that your breath is like water and your torso a glass so that when you inhale the breath – through imagery – flows downward, meeting your hands and then fills the torso. (It is important not to use force. The imagery alone will cause a shift in how you breathe.)
  7. Breathe and relax.