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Tai Chi as a Moving Mudra

In the classical sense a “mudra” is a hand posture or gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist meditation. Along with the breath, it can also be an internal action. Both are employed to create energetic responses. Over the years I have come to realize tai chi as a moving mudra. As you move through the […]

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Weekly Immune Support Online Qigong – FREE

Immune Support Online Qigong Register today! Join Master Wasentha Young and experience her nurturing guidance to protect your body with easy to learn Qigong. Wednesdays 1-145 pm ET Zoom link provided upon registration Reduce Stress Boost Immune Defense Guard Against Virus Attack Connect With Community JOIN US.. Fee: FREE – Donations Accepted

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Transitions and Rituals – 1

“Life Transitions are often marked with a ceremony or ritual. The very act creates a flow – a change in perspective and offers another vantage point.” By Wasentha Young (an excerpt from her Meeting with the Masters short story) The blade, made of stainless steel, was inserted into the brass hand guard with two brass […]

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Teaching Chi Kung (Qigong)

Chi Kung (Qigong) is not an easy practice to teach. It has many characteristics. So at the Peaceful Dragon School the constant is the Wild Goose form. Because Chi Kung is a broad subject I “emphasize” a different aspect each day; i.e. Monday mornings – meditation, Tuesdays – medical, Thursdays – body/self-acupressure and shorter exercise […]

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Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit By Wasentha Young What are the energetic qualities and characteristics of Winter and how can you align, in harmony, with the spirit of this season? The season of winter – a yin force – requires us to go inward. In traditional Chinese medicine it is associated with the Water element; it’s related organ systems […]

Liberating the Emotion of Fear Exercise

Winter is the time when all moves inward (Yin). The element is Water; the organs that correspond to this phase are the Kidneys and Bladder; the emotion is fear. When out of balance you may find yourself less able to access your inner wisdom. Connect with the joy in your life to liberate the contraction […]

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Yin Yang of it All – Part 2

Within both tai chi and chi kung there is an interplay of the mindful and the mindless. One cannot be totally mindful and we all know where being totally mindlessness can lead. Mindfulness is mechanics based; coordination, foundation, specificity in timing, intention, focus, letting go and force. Mindlessness is more of a flow, momentum, spacious […]

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