Teaching Chi Kung (Qigong)

Chi Kung (Qigong) is not an easy practice to teach. It has many characteristics. So at the Peaceful Dragon School the constant is the Wild Goose form. Because Chi Kung is a broad subject I “emphasize” a different aspect each day; i.e. Monday mornings – meditation, Tuesdays – medical, Thursdays – body/self-acupressure and shorter exercise routines.

So as to make the information tangible I use a thread to make sure that the material I present on any given day somehow overlaps on the others. For instance… Monday we concentrated on the tan tien in meditation and talked about how that focus was going to eventually lead us to meditating on the small circulation of chi – so today I will point out the energy centers on the central channel which in essence is the small circulation of the chi. On Thursday, we will do a bit of making that channel tangible through some exercises.

In any case, we will spend half the class on the Wild Goose form movement for the week and the other on the topic.