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Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit By Wasentha Young What are the energetic qualities and characteristics of Winter and how can you align, in harmony, with the spirit of this season? The season of winter – a yin force – requires us to go inward. In traditional Chinese medicine it is associated with the Water element; it’s related organ systems […]

Cultivating Chi 2

The previous video blog offered one way of cultivating chi to nourish the internal organs. Again, there is some kind of “action” necessary to cultivate chi. In what way does the Tai Chi form cultivate chi. In this video Master Young explains some of the mechanics used in the form that cultivates chi leading to the […]

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Take a virtual step into the Peaceful Dragon School

Options for On-line Study with Master Wasentha Young Become a Web Member On-line classes and private sessions How Does it Work? Answering that question may require a conversation. Briefly, it depends on what we are working on together… will you be learning something new from Master Young, reviewing, or will it be a question/answer period of time. Will you […]

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Putting Your Mind in Your Tan Tien – “coming to your senses 1”

Allowing your chi (energy) to sink is often referred to as putting your mind in the tan tien [located about 2-3 finger widths below the navel] or putting the fire (mind) under the pot (nourishment center), sinking your chi has many benefits. You may notice that with your awareness centered in the tan tien region […]

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The Root at the Top-of-Head

Rooting also happens at the top of the head. The Ba Wei point is located at the top-of-head. It is referred to in several different ways in the tai chi classics. For example: As if being hung by a string from above, Let the spirit of vitality reach your head-top, etc.An additional point that has […]

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Principles of Meditation

Meditation is a change in the “state of mind”. IMHO in meditation, sitting, standing or moving, when one experiences “non thinking” it is simply that the mind is not focused on internal dialogue. There are dimensions to what might be considered dialogue… In tai chi, the dialogue could be too much focus on what you […]

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Types of Chi

There are so many different kinds of “Chi”. There is mind chi, muscle chi, family chi, spirit chi, and the chi that flows in the body. There is earth chi, universe chi and nature chi. All organic matter has chi. Of matter itself, chi will always be its essence.