The Root at the Top-of-Head

Rooting also happens at the top of the head. The Ba Wei point is located at the top-of-head. It is referred to in several different ways in the tai chi classics. For example: As if being hung by a stringBa Wei from above, Let the spirit of vitality reach your head-top, etc.An additional point that has come into my awareness was during a lecture given by Ed Young (one of Professor’s students): He spoke of imagining the energy coming out the head-top and supporting the upward and outward flow of the universe.Jade PillowNote: It is difficult for your spirit of vitality to reach the Ba Wei point if the Jade Pillow (located at the center of the occipital ridge at the base of the skull) is not open. This can be obtained by slightly weighting the chin at the same time as you lift the head-top. When it does reach your head-top it should feel like an “inner” smile.In any case you should only use imagery and not force… As one of the stories goes (and I’ve heard a lot of them), one of Professor’s students used so much force at the head-top that he developed a bump. 🙂

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