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Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit By Wasentha Young What are the energetic qualities and characteristics of Winter and how can you align, in harmony, with the spirit of this season? The season of winter – a yin force – requires us to go inward. In traditional Chinese medicine it is associated with the Water element; it’s related organ systems […]

Cultivating Chi 2

The previous video blog offered one way of cultivating chi to nourish the internal organs. Again, there is some kind of “action” necessary to cultivate chi. In what way does the Tai Chi form cultivate chi. In this video Master Young explains some of the mechanics used in the form that cultivates chi leading to the […]

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Cultivating Chi 1

To cultivate chi requires an action. In many cases there are circular motions involved, sometimes imagery, and may involve movement. Here is one exercise in cultivating chi to nourish your inner organs. This exercise involves circular movement and visualization.

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Fear as an Intelligence

Fear… What an intelligence it is… When trauma has lodged into the mind/body, fear can become a place of triggered refuge. The intelligence of fear is not to be ignored. However, the response of fear at times may be greater than what is necessary. Yes the outcome of the future is unknown – and the […]

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Striking a Balance – 2

Both Tai Chi and Chi Kung are notably health “arts” that along the journey the practitioner learns how to observe the conversations among the body, mind, intrinsic energy, emotions, and spirit. What we strive is to learn the basic mechanics of each and watch for pivotal points where one aspect begins to dominate the perspective and conversation. It […]

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