What to do if you can’t remember???

Peaceful Dragon Logo TransparentWhat to do if you can’t remember
You are going through your form and all of a sudden you go blank… how uncomfortable is that?! Doesn’t have to be.

There are a number of reasons why this might happen. Was your mind elsewhere? You wonder which Single Whip is this? Did you miss the class when that movement was taught? Maybe you just spaced out or your memory is just not what it use to be…

You can start by allowing your body to help. If one arm is up – it must come down; if all your weight is on one foot more than likely you will be stepping with the empty one. Also, try not to stress – you can reflect on the name of the movement; come to an additional class that week (cause you can); laugh and see what happens if you start over;  or remember… you can also take a private session with Master Young either in person or through Skype (or with your own teacher).