Tai Chi and Wild Goose Chi Kung benefits

Based on My Experience

Tai chi can lower blood pressure, it also increases the heart rate when the quality of practice is present. This releases endorphins into the body which helps to reduce the blood pressure and relax the muscles. By centering the mind in the lower tan tien (CV6), with the right use of principles, the top part of the body becomes open, the diaphragm has more freedom of movement and the breath becomes fuller. This type of breathing exercises the vital organs and brings about more circulation which promotes nourishment.
wild goose artI much like the first of the Wild Goose Chi Kung forms for its ability to excite the energy of the muscular, cardiovascular, skeletal, lymphatic, visceral systems as well as the chi flow in the first half, and then integrates and regulates all of the above in the second half. The use of visualization and spiritual connection with universe, nature and earth chi adds a profound connection.
Master Wasentha Young
Peaceful Dragon School