Lower Tan Tien

Tan TienThe lower tan tien – located approximately 2-3 finger widths below the navel – is the center of nourishment – both energetic and physiologic. In the Form we move from this center. If you can center your awareness in this area of the body, it will help contain your energy from over extension. Although centered and contained, you must remain aware of your head top, palms of hands, and feet, as well as your environmentWasentha's tai chi form 006

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  1. vwellman November 11, 2014 at 10:09 am #

    WOW! we just discovered all these amazing pearls of wisdom from master young……… we really just figured out how to ‘master’ the hi tech that was eluding us until we went to master young to show us the way:-) now we have so much more to help guide us and lead us as we learn and discover so much power and wisdom thru this practice. thank you so much master young. vickie & ian


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