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Two Fields of Energy

There are two prominent outer layers to our energy fields – each encircles the entire body and function different. One is at arms length, the other halfway between full extension and the body. Somewhat like the eyes, the outer one extends out to “read” our environment and relays back to the inner field what is […]

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Rooting, Balance and Pace

More on rooting: Last week I discussed with students three (of course there is more) things relative to being rooted or not. 1. The pace when one is doing the form (discussed below) , 2. Alignment in motion, and 3. The upward tension in the muscles. More on these aspects later. Being rooted is also connected […]

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The Root at the Top-of-Head

Rooting also happens at the top of the head. The Ba Wei point is located at the top-of-head. It is referred to in several different ways in the tai chi classics. For example: As if being hung by a string from above, Let the spirit of vitality reach your head-top, etc.An additional point that has […]

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Thank You!

I am thankful for Tai Chi. It has been with me throughout my trials and tribulations. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing this journey with me. You are inspiring! Here’s a gift of thanks for subscribing to this website and possibly liking the Peaceful Dragon School Facebook page. One of Professor Cheng Man-Ching’s 8 […]

Lower Tan Tien

The lower tan tien – located approximately 2-3 finger widths below the navel – is the center of nourishment – both energetic and physiologic. In the Form we move from this center. If you can center your awareness in this area of the body, it will help contain your energy from over extension. Although centered […]