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T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung

We offer self-care practices for your well-being and to reduce stress in your daily life. When you step into the safe, calm and joyful atmosphere of the school, you will feel welcomed.

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Ongoing Classes

The Peaceful Dragon School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung offers comprehensive learning in Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced T'ai Chi ...Read more


The Tai Chi Chuan Certification Track is approximately a 3.5 year process. Students can request an application after completing 1.5 years ...Read more

Private Sessions

Studying privately or semi-privately (total 5 people) with Master Young has great benefits. For one, the opportunity to study with her ...Read more


Throughout the year Master Young schedules on-site and off-site as well as on Zoom workshops. These workshops can range from work ...Read more


We offer self-care practices for your well-being and to reduce stress in your daily life. To help you stay on ...Read more

The Tai Chi Experience

In today’s fast paced and, at times, convoluted environment, I need a sanctuary where my surroundings are conducive to my journey.   I value my spiritual as well as my physical well-being.    As such, Tai Chi offers me an opportunity to pursue my quest under the guidance of masters and students alike.

When I enter the form there is a suspension of time that allows me to touch the form that was, the form that is and a bit of the form that will become; both for me individually and in a collective sense. How cool is that!

This winter, after practicing Tai Chi for 8 months, I discovered a new, more poised way of navigating icy ground. Instead of taking tiny, tense, scared steps, my head is up, and I have a calm, measured pace. I feel balanced and confident and aware of each step and the ground beneath me.


Pearls of Wisdom