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Stepping outside or within to exceed one’s comfort zone happens in many ways. However, I have assessed that the steps manifest in “life” and “self” – if one chooses to take the steps.

I couldn’t find her anywhere. Went to all the places where she could be, asked store clerks, drove by frequented bus stops and walking patterns, and went back to her apartment. In her bedroom I found her mobile phone, apartment keys and her ID. Okay, now I am uncomfortable and bit in a panic. How long before I call the police???? LONG ENOUGH – I’m calling now. 

Springing Along

In-person, Live-Streaming, and Outdoors Spring/Summer Classes – May 3 – July 29 Good news this semester the Peaceful Dragon School is creatively integrating Zoom, indoor, and outdoor sessions into the program. We are beginning to see light at the end of this long tunnel. Ongoing classes:  You can register from out-of-state and attend regularly scheduled […]