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Invoking Imagery – 2

IMAGE DEFINED 1. the formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively 2. pictorial images, as in works of art. 3. mental images especially those produced by the action of imagination. ______________________________________ Imagery can invoke a feeling, inspire writing, movement, and choice of colors/shapes. Let’s talk about the power […]

How Much Imagery Do You Use?

Today, while preparing to teach I over heard students talking… Student 1: “You do the ‘windshield wiper and go around the world, then you row the boat and then comes the zombie.” Student 2: “When do you do the ‘squirrel on the tree’?” ______________________________________________________________________________________ When I was a student teacher, I asked one of my […]

Teaching Chi Kung (Qigong)

Chi Kung (Qigong) is not an easy practice to teach. It has many characteristics. So at the Peaceful Dragon School the constant is the Wild Goose form. Because Chi Kung is a broad subject I “emphasize” a different aspect each day; i.e. Monday mornings – meditation, Tuesdays – medical, Thursdays – body/self-acupressure and shorter exercise […]