Invoking Imagery – 2


1. the formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively

2. pictorial images, as in works of art.

3. mental images especially those produced by the action of imagination.


Imagery can invoke a feeling, inspire writing, movement, and choice of colors/shapes.

Let’s talk about the power of imagery…

Invoke thought
Invoke behavior
Invoke an impulse
Invoke creativity
Invoke emotion

Shape a community
Shape an agenda
Shape design (architecture, landscape)
Shape an empire
Shape motions

Motivate change
Motivate exploration
Motivate lifestyle

Imagery Master Young Uses in Teaching 


As if being hung by a string from above
A bubble going up the torso to top of head out toward the universe
Wearing the Moon on the Head
Top part of the body is light and open, the bottom is full and weighted
Inner smile
The chest cavity is liked to a bell
Sitting on your legs
Threading the nine holes in the pearl LINK
Like an egg standing on-end
Tea LeavesLike a 5 pointed star
Inside is open the muscle relax down
Let your tea leaves sink



In Motion

Waist is like an axlewagon wheel
Like the rising waves of a calm sea
Sawing wood / two person saw
Knot between the pearls
Movements stem from the feet, travel through the legs, controlled by the waist and emerge into the posture
Winding and unwinding

couples logo 2
Seeing with your feet
Grasp Sparrow’s Tail
Reeling of silk
Walk like a cat
The waist is the axial
Like swimming in air
Move like a great river

Filling into the posture
You should be able to breathe through your feet
The form is one breath
Like a bellows

Spirit alive, alert yet contained within
Reeling of silk
Continuous from beginning to end
Mind arrives, eyes arrive, hands arrive

Example of using imagery

Wave Hands Like Clouds

Wasentha's tai chi form 174

Rain Falling / Vapor Rising





Wasentha's tai chi form 175Clouds Moving Across the Horizon





Wasentha's tai chi form 176  Holding the Earth




Wild Goose Qigong Movement

Spread Wings / Close Wings – Threading the nine holes, opening the heart to the universe, let it nourish your being