Yin Yang of it All – Part 2

Within both tai chi and chi kung there is an interplay of the mindful and the mindless. One cannot be totally mindful and we all know where being totally mindlessness can lead. Mindfulness is mechanics based; coordination, foundation, specificity in timing, intention, focus, letting go and force. Mindlessness is more of a flow, momentum, spacious and boundless. Any style of meditation contains both.

Mindfulness practices are about being in the moment, the strategy is to feel, breath, and the use of mindlessness that allows us to engage with the present moments as it continuously becomes. Mindlessness practice is like water – uncontainable yet we use the breath and letting go (both mindful mechanics) to feel the freedom of not holding on to form nor even the moment. One, mindful and mindless, does not exist without the other.