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We offer self-care practices for your well-being and to reduce stress in your daily life. To help you stay on track and provide support, we offer webinars to help you walk the path.


How you cultivate your connection with the ground is the second most important, under relaxation, to the principle of tai chi and just as vital to chi kung. This connection is called rooting. 1. The first principle of “relaxation” is paramount to proper rooting. Let go of thinking that the gripping of toes has anything […]

Thank You!

I am thankful for Tai Chi. It has been with me throughout my trials and tribulations. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing this journey with me. You are inspiring! Here’s a gift of thanks for subscribing to this website and possibly liking the Peaceful Dragon School Facebook page. One of Professor Cheng Man-Ching’s 8 […]