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Intuitive Realm

Intuition is a tangible yet unseen aspect of our being. It is the part of us that reaches out, beyond what the eyes can see to touch and sense our environment and universe. There are many layers to the intuitive realm, however because it is barely measurable by science, it is believed to be a […]

Roles of Body and Mind in Tai Chi

When you first start to study tai chi the body informs the mind – this is done by what you feel and see when scanning the body for tension, checking your weight differentiation and foot placements, monitoring your alignment, and coordinating the body mechanics from the vertical and horizontal axis. After a period of time […]

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Principles of Meditation

Meditation is a change in the “state of mind”. IMHO in meditation, sitting, standing or moving, when one experiences “non thinking” it is simply that the mind is not focused on internal dialogue. There are dimensions to what might be considered dialogue… In tai chi, the dialogue could be too much focus on what you […]

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Types of Chi

There are so many different kinds of “Chi”. There is mind chi, muscle chi, family chi, spirit chi, and the chi that flows in the body. There is earth chi, universe chi and nature chi. All organic matter has chi. Of matter itself, chi will always be its essence.

The Central Channel

The Central Channel is the only meridian of its kind that has its own points. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are more than one depiction of the Central Channel. Chi Kung (Qigong) practitioners more often refer to it as the orbit of energy that flows down the front and up the back. Acu-point practitioners refer […]

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Value of Near Win: A student’s story

I just listened to the podcast for this TED talk a few days ago and it reminded me of a form progression session a couple of weeks ago. We were working on the four corners, and every time I made some mistake; a foot misplaced or an arm mis-timed. I finally did one, just one […]

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