The Knot Between the Pearls 2 – Tai Chi

Logo In the Hand 2The Knot Between the Pearls 2: The strand of that runs through the Tai Chi form from its beginning to end is an energy flow. The “knot” creates the ebb and flow that generates movement between postures.

When I studied meditation with Trungpa Rinpoche in Boulder, CO he expressed the motivation force as “the gap between steps”. Another image that helped me understand this concept – “like the rising waves of a calm sea”.

Most of my learning about the knot came from hours of learning and focus with Maggie Newman. In the mid to late 70’s she meticulously, arduously, and for me at times painstakingly drilled us who attended her summer 8 week intensives at Naropa Institute on continuity of motion. This included the “knot between the pearls” and staying relaxed and continuous in the transitional movements. I am so thankful for her clarity, perception, precision, perserverance during each opportunity I have had to learn under her tutelage.

In terms of application in form, if you can feel/see the changes from filling to empty and empty to filling, you can see/feel that in others which can afford you the space and time you need to respond without getting physical.