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Transitions and Rituals – 1

“Life Transitions are often marked with a ceremony or ritual. The very act creates a flow – a change in perspective and offers another vantage point.” By Wasentha Young (an excerpt from her Meeting with the Masters short story) The blade, made of stainless steel, was inserted into the brass hand guard with two brass […]

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Take a virtual step into the Peaceful Dragon School

Options for On-line Study with Master Wasentha Young Become a Web Member On-line classes and private sessions How Does it Work? Answering that question may require a conversation. Briefly, it depends on what we are working on together… will you be learning something new from Master Young, reviewing, or will it be a question/answer period of time. Will you […]

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Two Fields of Energy

There are two prominent outer layers to our energy fields – each encircles the entire body and function different. One is at arms length, the other halfway between full extension and the body. Somewhat like the eyes, the outer one extends out to “read” our environment and relays back to the inner field what is […]

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Tai Chi is Rooted in Meditation

Tai Chi is Rooted in Meditation This was the last week of this semester and is the last posting on “rooting.” So here it is – How Tai Chi Chuan is rooted in meditation. When I lived in Boulder, CO I was a part of the pervasive Buddhist community that Chogyam Trungpa created when he […]

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Just published

The second/third of the Yang Style Short Form demonstrated by Master Young is now available. Includes individual postures with back (as if in class), front, feet and waist/hands perspective. Narration of the weight distribution and waist involvement are included.


“Perfection is the enemy of good.” Fear of Art This is not to say that we should not strive to become better in our arts, however if we are don’t practice for fear of being wrong then we are destined to quit. On my journey for over 46 years, I still leave myself open for […]