Tai Chi as a Moving Mudra

In the classical sense a “mudra” is a hand posture or gesture used in Hindu and Buddhist meditation. Along with the breath, it can also be an internal action. Both are employed to create energetic responses. Over the years I have come to realize tai chi as a moving mudra. As you move through the form there is a constant changing of shapes. As a meditation in motion, in design, the form along with coordinated or consistent breathing create energetic responses that flow with these changes in shapes.

As you dissolve the “body thinking” through releasing unnecessary physical tension, and shift the thinking mind towards awareness and imagery, a state of mind emerges that allows you to step away from the tension of time. You move into “being” in an expanded moment.

Within this state the changes in postural shapes give access to fragmented energy once pocketed in the tensions of mind, body and spirit. It is in this place you can sense the dynamic generative flow of energy pulsating internally and externally.