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Types of Chi

There are so many different kinds of “Chi”. There is mind chi, muscle chi, family chi, spirit chi, and the chi that flows in the body. There is earth chi, universe chi and nature chi. All organic matter has chi. Of matter itself, chi will always be its essence.


During our daily lives, of work, traveling, and most communications with others, we are driven towards contraction. Contraction of mind/body/spirit. Some practices do allow us to integrally expand, but none like tai chi. Closest one can experience such opening on all levels is through going for a walk in nature… as long as there aren’t […]

Advanced Principle of Tai Chi

One advanced principle of tai chi that states – Mind arrives, eyes arrives, hands arrive (manifested posture) – this refers to the aspect of the mind that not only coordinate, but propels the form. Be aware of this current of motivation and continuity, but if you get too distant in visioning what comes next you loses the mindfulness […]

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The Central Channel

The Central Channel is the only meridian of its kind that has its own points. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are more than one depiction of the Central Channel. Chi Kung (Qigong) practitioners more often refer to it as the orbit of energy that flows down the front and up the back. Acu-point practitioners refer […]

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Value of Near Win: A student’s story

I just listened to the podcast for this TED talk a few days ago and it reminded me of a form progression session a couple of weeks ago. We were working on the four corners, and every time I made some mistake; a foot misplaced or an arm mis-timed. I finally did one, just one […]

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“Perfection is the enemy of good.” Fear of Art This is not to say that we should not strive to become better in our arts, however if we are don’t practice for fear of being wrong then we are destined to quit. On my journey for over 46 years, I still leave myself open for […]