Since 1990 the Peaceful Dragon School has offered a comprehensive program in both basic and advanced training in the traditional Chinese arts of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung in Ann Arbor, MI. Our main objective has been to create a safe, open minded, respectful, peaceful, and conscious attitude and atmosphere in which to study these complementary health promoting art-forms.

The high quality of education and professional care that we provide at the school, supports each of our student’s personal goals. The year-round program, both day and evening classes, private sessions and intensives allows students from out of town and locally to fit into the schedule.

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Also provided at the Peaceful Dragon School are instructional videos, books, and other learning materials to enhance your learning experience. Click here to visit our online web store for more information.

The Peaceful Dragon School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung offers comprehensive learning in Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced T’ai Chi Ch’uan (TCC), as well as Basic and Intermediate Soft and Hard Chi Kung. All classes offered can be taken individually or comprehensively. It is suggested that new students start on a beginner level before enrolling in the Intermediate or Advanced classes. (Special circumstances are considered.)

Whether you are a beginner or have experience in T’ai Chi Ch’uan or Chi Kung, there are options for your personal growth available at the school. Take a look at our classes and consider the excellent opportunities for your study.

Size of Class: Class sizes are limited and range from 4 to 20 students. This allows for more individual attention and inspired learning. Pre-registration is suggested.

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Instruction: The instructors at the school are professionally trained. We teach using many learning methods. For example: visual, lecture, demonstration, supervised practices, and most importantly we include humor. Morning, evening and weekend classes are offered year-round for your convenience. Often in the summer we offer intensives. Practice sessions are free of charge for enrolled students and are available for a minimal fee ($10) for alumni. (current schedule)

Private: Individual and semi-private sessions can be arranged by calling: (734) 741-0695

Learning Materials: Students are provided with handouts. Other learning materials for each class, such as books, videos, music CDs, and sidelines can be purchased at the school.

Registration: No appointment is necessary. All classes must be paid in full by the first class. Call (734) 741-0695 to inquire about early bird discounts or to come and visit the school. You can also make an appointment to speak to Master Young about your concerns and special interest.

Refund Policy: Students have until the second week of class to request a refund. There will be a $20 charge for each of the classes attended and a $15 service charge to refund monies. It may take up to a month to receive your refund.

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