Bridge Healing Arts with Martial Arts

Within the martial arts community how do we explore and engage what is called the “healing arts” – Consider whether the healing art form has a direct connection to the martial arts. For example – flower arrangement as a meditative practice promoting presence and finding balance in nature and as such has been practiced in a few different martial arts; whereas singing bowls, not so much. Toning yes in that voicing is used in meditative chanting and in the martial arts to disable the opponent and/or gather/issue potential force. Practices that use the acu-point system like shiatsu and acupressure, there is a relationship to pressure points. If you are sharing a healing art in your martial arts school – find its placement in your martial arts, and articulate that, then it is far more relative. Just my thoughts. 🙂

[That is not to say that other healing arts are not useful and relative to health – just that if you bring a “healing art” into their martial arts teaching it is far more relevant and powerful if you can share the bridge to your training.]