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Feeling like you could use some self-care techniques that will help to give you an energy cleanse and revitalize your sense of well-being? During these sessions you can learn basic stretches, breathing and visualization meditations, and self-acupressure (acu-points used in acupuncture) for just this purpose! These techniques are called Qigong meaning Energy Work. Best of all these exercises can be easily added to your self-care tool box and used daily. Classes taught by Master Wasentha Young. Register for one class and you can attend all 3 sessions per week – whatever your schedule allows – at no extra cost! Tuition: $185

Mon. 9-10 AM (Focus on a routine of stretches, meditation, and self-acupressure.)

Tues. 6-7 PM (Focus on the Wild Goose Form [a series of movements that include stretches, imagery, and acu-point activation] and the traditional Chinese medicine 5 Element theory.)

Thurs. 6-7 PM (Focus on cultivating energy, stretches, meditation and self-acupressure.)

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