Chi Kung Self-Care for Empathic and Sensitive People

Part 1

Empathic and or a “Sensitive” You Are? (In Yoda’s voice ?)  

There are many reasons study Chi Kung (Qigong) from the superficial to delving into its multifaceted aspects. Although the Macrocosmic experience of Chi is relatively simple to grasp, Chi is multidimensional. It can flow from the densest of matter to the ethereal, with each are referenced distinctly.

A common factor I have noticed in students who commit themselves to exploring its depth is that they are either empathic and/or what I call a “Sensitive”.

Having a challenging childhood and growing up in NYC with both qualities I had difficulty. I barely made it to adulthood without becoming victim to harmful self-medication. My head was fuzzy enough without adding strong, numbing, and potentially harmful drugs. It wasn’t until I started studying Chi Kung that I realized my difficulty was sensory overstimulation. I was overwhelmed from the constant activity; vibrations and the contradictions of what people would say and what they really meant – mixed messages.

Learning how to stay centered in this challenging time.

Many empathic students have expressed feeling the challenges of others so deep that it almost feels as if it is their own – and ask for some guidance around this issue. Of course, there are practices in Chi Kung that directly assist in processing this very real experience. However, I also spoke with a minister and a therapist about coping with the sensitivity. They offered their perspective which is worth sharing before I share practices from my Chi Kung self-care toolbox.

Relative to the spirit, I asked a friend who attended school to become an ordained minister. Her response:

  1. Be present to witness and hear that challenge.
  2. Look or direct towards the divine.
  3. Look deeply as to why it has impacted you – what about that challenge resonates within and process it towards the nature of divinity.

As to the psychology of the mind, a therapist said: Set clear boundaries and recognize common humanity.

Part 2 – Opening the Toolbox – will follow next week. In the meantime, take