General Information


If you are attending a live-stream session, you will be able to ask questions and if your computer camera to be on I will be able to see you. If you prefer not to be seen, you will have that option.
You will need to “Run” the Zoom program.

Note from the Director
Based on the current uncertainty it is challenging to make plans. What I can say is if nothing changes in how we are able to safely conduct our day-to-day, we will continue to have classes through ZOOM and in-person socially distanced practice sessions (weather permissible).

Good news is that this opens up an opportunity for those who do not live in Ann Arbor to attend classes virtually!

In the event that and restrictions are lifted, we begin to feel less vulnerable about having classes in-person, masks will be required and the classes will continued to be ZOOM’ed for those of you attending virtually. As been the practice, the filters in our furnace are Heppa equivalent and surfaces, like knobs, light switches in the studio and bathrooms will be disinfected before and after each class.

Be safe and continue to practice distancing and good hygiene!


Peace and Much Love,
Master Young


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