General Information

We Did It!!

We had our first Live-Streaming session. 43 PDS students attended. It was so nice to see you.

In case you missed it you can access it here using the code: PDSLive

I’m still learning how to use the Zoom platform, so at times you will participants’ but it does come back around to me talking.  You can hear questions and comments of others, which is good.

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks for our live-streaming sessions. You will find the links for the Tai Chi session on the Tai Chi page and the Chi Kung links are on the Chi Kung page.


**We will need one assistant to co-host during the morning and evening Beginners Tai Chi Classes. Please contact Master Young via e-mail to set that up.

If you are attending a live-stream session, you will be able to ask questions and if your computer camera to be on I will be able to see you. If you prefer not to be seen, you will have that option.
You will need to “Run” the Zoom program. Each session will be specific to your respective class however all students will have access.

Each week you will receive a pre-videoed focus lesson. These lessons will be for everyone and have links to access a combination of PDF files and video link(s)  that will be in my Vimeo cloud.

If it is a sunny and fairly warm day you will receive a FLASH practice invitation. These outdoor practices will be at County Farm Park at the Medford entrance. In the meantime, be diligent with your hygiene, please keep breathing, relax, and stay open to the gift the other side of the coin reveals.


Peace and Much Love,
Master Young


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