Yang Style Short Form DVD


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The complete digital media video (2014) This 4 disc set includes the full face view with a narration of the basic principles (included with first/third); front, back, hands, and feet views of the individual postures; and the back view (as if you were following me in class). These are great tools to add to your study. You can purchase the dvd’s in thirds at the school only they sell for $30 each.

WE DO NOT SHIP OUT OF THE USA, HOWEVER YOU CAN ORDER A DIGITAL COPY OF THIS MEDIA THROUGH VIMEO – WASENTHA YOUNG – ON DEMAND (SEE BELOW) Once purchased from the Vimeo site they can be downloaded or accessed on the Vimeo On-Demand site.

To purchase the first/third click here.
To purchase the second/third click here.
To purchase the third/third click here.


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