Understanding the Acu-point system – Made Easy – June 6



Livestreaming on Zoom

Understanding the Acu-point system – Made Easy

Want to get a basic grip on the Acu-point system? Join Master Wasentha Young, in a Zoom Livestreaming, as she playfully leads you on a journey of energy patterns within the body. Having just a minimal understanding of the Acu-point energy flow will enhance your knowledge base, tai chi, chi kung and/or interaction with your acupuncturist. During this session you will:

  • Grasp the basic flow and significant points on the 12 small meridians
  • Learn the difference between large and small meridian patterns.
  • Identify Source, Yu, and Mu points.
  • Get introduced to the meridian clock.

What you will need:

  • Ability to access Zoom platform with good internet service
  • A computerized devise. A handheld device [mobile phones are a challenge for a good visual], laptop, or desktop computer with camera and mic. Ideally, it would be handy if it were able to allow for visual of feet.
  • Chair

Tuition: $50