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Hip Tip

Here’s a “hip” tip. In 80% of the Yang-Style Short Form, at the end of a posture, the hips are square to the direction you are facing. In transition the hips should remain level. In motion, the waist/hips guide the direction of the limbs. The hips are synonymous with the waist. The waist/hips is the […]

Push Hands

PUSH HANDS – As with tai chi, there are a number of different styles of push hands. No matter if you are doing single hand, two hand, or even some using sticky hands as push hands the principles should remain intact throughout the myriad of changes. Listen, adhere, yield and neutralize. I was taught – […]

Yang Style Short Form

The way the Yang Style Short Form (Cheng man-Ching) is constructed – there are heating up and cooling down sections with the height of energy being the kick section. This is nothing that you have to “do” it is brilliantly constructed this way. If you are experienced in practice, meaning the basic body/mind/spirit mechanics are […]