15 Award Recipients and Important Dates

End of Year 2014


We Celebrate

The End-of-Year celebrated 15 award recipients

What a wonderful celebration! We shared food, stories and laughter with each other, family and friends. 12 students received their certificate of perseverance (completed the Yang Style Short Form); two received the Peaceful Dragon School Golden Leaf Award for outstanding and guiding leadership; and one person received the Peaceful Dragon School Fanatic Award for attending the most classes at the school. We had a free raffle and gave gifts to those who answered a question correctly. Those who could not answer the question still received a gift… the answer and a small notebook. 🙂

Give an introductory gift, tell a friend or family member!Groupon discount voucher. Value your experience at the Peaceful Dragon School? There is opportunity for you to share. Moving into the current fashion of marketing over the web, the Peaceful Dragon School is trying few new platforms – one of which is the Groupon voucher.Here’s a link 

Upcoming Dates

Flash Practices
Tai Chi Style 😉 
Tues, 12/30 @ 10:00 AM
Tues, 12/30 @ 6:30 PM
Enrolled students only

Grasping the Sparrow 
Good for Groupon Gift
Mon, 1/5 – 19 @ 6-7 PM

Good for Groupon Gift
Sat, 1/10 – 24 @ 10-11 AM

Ongoing Classes Begin
January 12

Strengthen Your Energy
Mon, 1/26 @ 5:45-6:45 PM

It’s Live on Vimeo On-Demand!

The First/Third of the Yang Style Short Formdemonstrated by Master Young is now available for purchase ($20) and downloadable. We are working on the DVD.

In addition to the basic principles of the form each posture is broken down offering back, front, feet along with weight distribution and arms/waist perspective.
Here’s a link